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Bitching: the greatest threat to athletic progress

Wonderful article about how ‘who we bitch with, why we bitch and what we bitch about.’ and how it affects athletic progress within a team.


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Allowing double contact setting in general.

Volleyball is not a continuous game and quite a few describe exactly this as the main reason for little audience appeal.

Constantly the match is interrupted. Some reasons for the less experienced viewers remain hidden, for example the double contact set on the second ball.

Of course there are sets being for everybody visibly “double” and therefore irregular, but the twilight zone up to “world class” is vast and always causes discussions. Often the officials even lose control of the whole match, because the differentiation in “error” or “no error” is difficult in a clear line.

Hostile emotions of players and from the stands are usually the unpleasant consequences towards the people, we could not play our sport without. The referees.

Why don’t we allow the double contact in setting completely? What would it mean for the game when the second contact may be a double contact within the same action?

Excluding the esthetic aspect, more flow of the game would be firstly, above all the consequence. Points would be more earned and less given. Secondly, the team with the bad setter wouldn’t have a real advantage, because let’s be honest: Which is normally the better set? The technically perfect and or the dirty double contact?

A high level of technical execution increases the accuracy and thus the probability of success.

So I set the ball to you.. double or not …